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 I swear by the heaven and earth
And upon the mother that bore me to life
That above the rest I loved you the most
Intense passion I felt upon your sight!
Day and night I longed for you
As I imagined giving my love to thee
Though you resisted and left my heart ajar
I could have erased all your fears!
The sadness I felt when I found
That you loved another more than me
Was like a dagger to my heart and soul
The pain it uprooted! the tears it caused!
But please do not mourn for me
Although you'd never know the measure of my love
I would have rather loved you than not love at all
And in time the heart doth heal!


 2. I Have learned, mate!
I now know who they are
They are strangers
And I know them not
They use to stand behind my back
And laugh outrageously; sometimes in my face
Now the smile has fell off their faces
Like the story of rag to rich
You see I have learned mate!
Not to take them so seriously
I have learned
To shake hands without meaning it
And laugh not from my heart
I have learned indeed
To say 'hi' when I mean 'bye'
Their was a time when I was like you
I will 'do' as I was told
And hide behind my fears
But those days are gone mate!
I have learned indeed
To think with my heart
And love with my head
I have learned not to take life too seriously
Not to be so religious outside
But pray for forgiveness inside
I now know how to walk past their faces!
And when their cold blooded eyes ask for help
I have learned to ignore their faces
I have learned mate!
3. Writing is Orgasm

To write is to return to my core existence and think, question, analyse...
To write is to seek clarity and focus, trust, reason...
To write is to bare my soul and plan, dream, imagine...
To write is like an orgasm...uncontrollable, explosive!!